Our Vision

INEO Software is a newly rebranded commercial entity, which specializes in the development of mobile, desktop and web applications with personalized content. Our area of expertise stretches beyond the shallow technological and design competencies required to develop highly versatile mobile user interfaces.


According to Wong (2013) innovation means finding a better way of doing something. Here at INEO Soft we rely on always working on improving the quality of apps and gadgets in everyday life. Innovation by old: Decades of research has been invested in technologies that, through the recent advances in technologies and improved computation power of mobile devices, can help put the word "smart" in smart-phones.


Overhead represents today's plague. Adding excessive computation time, memory, bandwidth, or other resources is not a good practice when it comes to responsive and user friendly applications. At INEO we take pride in having a specialized division of scientists and engineers that have a strong knowledge of designing and implementing low-memory consumption algorithms and computational optimization techniques.


Algorithms and concepts are the heart of any application, but design is what gives it a "face" and "voice". Our team of designers put their best efforts in creating intuitive, predictable and nice looking interfaces for our apps so that people won't have to settle with just the beautiful "heart" inside.


Our experience was built on previously developed mobile, desktop and server applications such as: mobile scanning and optical character recognition software, optical mark recognition (Sigma), interactive voice response systems, industrial resource management systems (production, stocks, staff and quality control) (Draexlmayer) and custom designed and customized software solutions (Lear Corporation). Our employees share an active status on technical forums such as Experts Exchange, StackOverflow and CodeProject, have attained high academic degrees (PhD) in a number of specific fields and are the authors of a number of OpenSource solutions (BermudaTTS, LargeLM, 3D Modelling software in JAVA).

Speech, Video and NLP

video analysis, image processing, spoken language processing, machine learning, dialog systems, text summarization, automatic machine translation, text-to-speech synthesis, question answering

Base software

software engineering, algorithm design, programming paradigms, web technologies, formal languages, translators and compilers, code optimization and minimization, big data techniques



our software is designed to work on Linux, Unix and Windows desktop operating systems just as well as on Android or Embedded Linux driven mobile devices (ARM or x86)

Out of scope

our out-of-domain expertise is: cellular automation, real time systems, embedded software, industrial robots control, development of custom firmware for embedded devices


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